creating boundless space in our lives

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When I search for happiness, it seems to be elusive. I may catch a glimpse of it  yet it is gone before I know it. But when I stop searching for happiness and enjoy the present moment, I experience peace and tranquility, which makes me happy. It’s like a butterfly – it flies away when I try to catch it. Only when I am still and let it be, that it comes and sits on my shoulder.


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Every time I add something to the present moment–whether it be a thought or a reaction– I am creating unhappiness for myself.  I have a demand or expectation that is not met, and this causes me stress or anxiety. But when I observe the present moment as it is, I create space for reality to happen. I am compelled to do right action, and what I need comes to me effortlessly.

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Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

Happiness is our natural state. It is something that is within us. We can not lose it and nobody can take it away from us. It is who we are. But why then are we unhappy? Why can we not feel the happiness within? Because we identify with the ephemeral things in our life. We chase forms that are here today and gone tomorrow.  We are in a constant state of agitation.

But when we drop our identification with things, suddenly life gets better. We discard our illusions and concepts so we see the beauty around us. We feel our essence within and that of other creatures. We become one with life and realize that it is wonderful. We don’t need to add anything to it.

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Photo by Saeid Anvar from Pexels

Oftentimes, I get drawn into other people’s drama. It’s easy to get pulled into the sadness, tears, anger, blame, or anxiety, particularly when I am stressed. But when I am relaxed and quiet, I detach myself from the situation and see it from afar. I watch the event unfold with no comment or judgment. I look at it for no other reason than to understand it. I feel my inner energy as well as the energy vibrating from the other person.

When I bring space into the interaction, the explosive situation begins to change. Why? Because when I stop fighting an unwanted event, life is able to move through me and bring balance to the incident. It turns the swirling negative energy into a refreshing, positive vibration.

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When I allow an unpleasant event to happen, I become an opening through which the universe enters this  world. I become soft and yielding, instead of hard and inflexible. I enable space to flow into my limited self. I don’t get pulled into the tears, the drama, the suffering. I look at the situation as if it were happening to somebody else.

When I am in this state of acceptance, the situation suddenly shifts. I am able to see the good that was hiding underneath the bad.  Why? Because there is balance in universe and when I become pliant, I open up the space for one form (good) to move into another form (bad). Underneath any event or situation, life is benevolent and abundant.

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When somebody curses at me or calls me names, I remind myself that the epithets are just garbage coming out of the attacker’s mouth. The issue is not personal and it is not about me.  The other person is having a bad day. He/she is having an energy release, and I just happen to be the nearest observer to witness it. I am then able to watch the torrent of words without emotion. I look at the other person with curiosity, even interest. The strange thing is that when I bring awareness into the situation, it begins to change. The energy turns from harmful to healthy. Why? Because I created an opening for the universe to dissolve the negative energy and transform it into positive energy. I am left with a fresh, powerful feeling.





When we awaken to the power within us, we don’t pick up the guilt, anger or resentment that are thrown our way. We watch an explosive situation with no comment or judgment. We do this for no other reason than to understand it, to learn as much as we could about it. We don’t seek to change it, interpret it, or blame it. We make the anger, guilt or resentment a non-issue. We allow it to be there. The strange thing is that when we are in this state of acceptance, the situation begins to change. Why? Because we allowed space to penetrate our consciousness and diffuse the negative energy that was swirling around us. We then experience the bliss that was hiding underneath the negativity.