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Falling asleep easily

The key to falling asleep easily is to disidentify with any thought, belief, or action and therefore be free of the worries of the world. This is easier said than done because, as Eckhart Tolle  puts it, we live in a world that is preoccupied with things. We are worried about the past and anxious of the future so that we are in this constant state of anxiety and stress. We need to take drugs to calm the mind so we can fall asleep.

Why not leave things and people alone? There is nothing you can add to the situation that will make it better. It IS already fine the way it is.  If the universe allowed it to happen, why not accept it? If somebody did you wrong, let it go. Nothing is lost except the illusion that the mind wrapped around the situation. If you are in a dilemma because of a mistake you made, let it go. Blaming yourself won’t help the situation and it certainly won’t help you. It was meant to be, otherwise it would not have happened. If you are worried about not getting a job because you don’t have a degree, stop this thought right now. You are digging yourself into a hole that your mind will fill with negativity so you feel there is no way out. Clear your mind, go out there, give service to the world, and pretty soon you will have a job. If you serve the universe, the universe will serve you. When you are at one with the universe, you become one with the flow of life and things will come to you.

Practice surrendering to the present moment and free your mind of any identification. You will feel this sense of peace that makes you fall asleep instantly.


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Freedom from your mind

Most people have noisy minds. They are preoccupied with things to do, things to think about. They want the various forms in their lives to satisfy the formless. This leads to constant frustration because the formless comes from within their being and so can never be satisfied by forms.  For instance: they buy an expensive car (form) to make them feel successful (formless). The car may satisfy them for a while but then somebody else drives a much more expensive car and then they become unhappy because someone else is more successful than they are. They experience the polarity of forms: first there was happiness and then there was unhappiness. Forms are never enough so the mind looks somewhere else to fill that which can not be fulfilled. How do we free ourselves from the mind’s constant need of not enough?

The key is to let the formless flow into form. How do we do that? We start by observing the procession of things that happen in our lives  without getting entangled with them. In other words, we accept what happens without judgment. This stops the mind from its noise-making activities because it is no longer fighting what is. We are then able to have space within ourselves. This enables the formless to flow into form so magic can happen. Right things happen at the right time with the right people when you allow things to be. This moment is the best.

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Smiling with your mind

In the movie “Eat, Pray, Love,” which is based on a book of the same title, a medicine man in Bali, Indonesia told Liz Gilbert, the author, to smile with her mouth, her body, and her mind. This is an interesting observation. Most people only smile with their mouths but their minds and bodies are frowning or even crying. They get so caught up in the workings of their minds that they carry a heavy burden. How can you smile with your mind? Start by observing your thoughts so you can  create space between them. At first this is diffficult to do because the mind comes in and starts to think of things that it needs to reacts to. It will say, “I don’t understand why you are still. You should be doing this, that or the other.” Just be still and continue observing the workings of the mind without judging it. Soon the noise will dissipate and you feel this fresh, minty sensation in your body. You have created space and are now smiling with your mind and body. You have allowed the universe to come into your being and fill you with its limitless love.

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Having a Beautiful Mind

The beautiful mind is at peace with the world and all beings. It is still and does not impose anything on anybody. It looks at people and things and feels its oneness with everything. It is connected with, and supported by, the universe. How can you achieve a beautiful mind? Start by knowing that you have a noisy mind. Once you are aware that your mind is chaotic, you are present as the watcher. Presence and noise can not coexist. Being present means the noise has subsided. For a while. Then it comes back with even more thoughts. That’s how the mind is. It can not be still for long.

The key is to observe your mind without judging it. Just watch the thoughts that come into your mind. Don’t personalize them. Don’t mistake these thoughts for who you are. It is human unconsciousness manifesting at that moment. They are surfacing now because they need to be resolved. But you can’t resolve them by acting on them. You can only resolve them by not reacting to them. You are taking away the energy that is within and around these thoughts. This energy then becomes transmuted into something blissful and beautiful. You are starting to have a beautiful mind. Try it now and see what happens.

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Achieving Eternal Sunshine in the Mind

How can you achieve eternal sunshine in your mind amidst the chaos in the world? By observing events and people without becoming entangled in them. By not judging an event, people or situation as good or bad. By just letting things be as they are, a deeper intelligence comes into this world and connects you with the presence all around you. Out of this non-attachment, intelligent action happens. You then find yourself doing or not doing something.

You let the sunshine into your mind by getting rid of the dark clouds of suspicion, guilt, anger, sadness, resentment, etc. These are states of being that pass through your existence but you hold on to them as if they were precious and important. Before long, they drag you down and create an atmosphere of negativity. But if you learn to observe, you break the negativity and let the universe do the work. The universe is a living, breathing organism that takes care of you if you let it be. So save yourself a lot of trouble and just be!