creating boundless space in our lives

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Right Action

We live in a fast-paced world. Everyone seems to be running around like crazy trying to meet deadlines and get things done. We believe that the next moment will bring us salvation so we chase after it.We hurry from one meeting to another, listen halfheartedly to our clients, read memos in a cursory fashion, give little attention to our friends and family.  Sometimes this works. Most of the time, it does not. We make mistakes that not only cost us time and money but also jeopardize our relationships. We spend so much energy chasing the forms that pass through our lives and yet we don’t feel complete. Why? Because we only skim the surface of things  that we miss the depth that is in everything and everyone.

How do we free ourselves of this affliction? We start by doing right action. We give our care and attention to the present moment without adding anything to it. We look at the situation without comment or judgment. We take our thoughts out of it. We open up the space for the universe to work through us. We still our mind so the solution bubbles to the surface.  We gain a fresh perspective that compels us to do the right action. We let our true self–that which is at one with everything and everyone–come to the fore and connect us with all that is. We feel the depth of the situation or the aliveness of everyone and become one with them.


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We exist in two dimensions in this world: form (things, people, thoughts) and formless (infinite, space, universe). But most of us are addicted to the form, the contents of our lives, that we only see the dimension of form and forget about the formless dimension. We are out of balance because we focus on the procession of things in our lives(happiness/unhappiness, success/failure, rich/poor, good/bad) but we are not aware of the space in which these things occur. Then we add our thoughts and emotions to these things and make it fit with our self-created identities so we get a distorted view of reality. In other words, we add things and people to our sense of self because we don’t feel enough deep within. We look to the world to fulfill us, so we lose our balance or are devastated when things change or people leave us.

How do we  regain our balance so we don’t get frustrated by the constant flux of things? We start by allowing things and people to be as they are. We let them play their roles in our lives, good or bad. We watch them unfold without judgment or comment.  We realize that there is nothing we can add the situation that will make it better. It IS already fine the way it is, otherwise it would not have happened.  We take ourselves, our thoughts and judgments,  out of the situation. We open up the space for things to occur. This space connects us with everything and everyone, so we gain insights and realizations that compel us to do right action. We regain balance in our lives. We experience the peace that passes all understanding.

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Most of us carry a heavy baggage of past and future all the time. We have lost things (money, house, possessions) or persons (friend, spouse, child, parent) over a period of time. It seems that we lose a bit of ourselves when we lose things or people. We beat ourselves up over the mistakes we made in the past. We are anxious of what the future will bring. We are preoccupied with past and future that we don’t acknowledge the present moment. Our problems can be summed up in this way: we believe other people’s thoughts and opinions and make them our own. We are not ourselves so we are unhappy and stressed. Our pure, true self–the self that is untouched by anything or anyone– is buried deep down and can not come through because of the thick layers of negative emotions that reside in our bodies. These toxic emotions poison us so we become sick emotionally, mentally, and physically.

How do we get rid of this baggage, this weight that we carry around for years that causes sickness? We start by accepting what is happening to us at the present moment.  We leave things and people (including ourselves) alone. We don’t demand that this, that or the other conform to the rigid expectations of our mind.  We allow things to happen so the mind stops thinking and we become free of it. We understand that space is created in our lives through the loss so the universe can come in and take care of us. We let go of the baggage and become connected to our true self, that which is at one with everything and everyone. We experience the beauty of the present moment.

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Observing Life

Most of us are preoccupied with life. We identify with this, that or the other thing, person or situation. But people or situations change– leaving us in a constant need of wanting and needing . We experience frustration and even depression because we feel each moment is not enough so we try to add something to it or fix it.

But the truth is that the present moment does need to be fixed. It is fine the way it is.  As Henry David Thoreau puts it, “A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.”  The minute you let go of your need to fix the present moment, it miraculously fixes itself. People, things, and situation suddenly come to your aid without any effort on your part. You don’t try to make good things happen; they just happen.

In other words, once you become an observer of life, you will enjoy life and maybe even play with the forms of life (happiness/unhappiness, good/bad, positive/negative). You see life as it is, not as you imagine it to be. Out of this awareness comes right action (or inaction) and it will be the right response. Try it now and see what happens.