creating boundless space in our lives





When we allow our pure self to come forth, we shower abundance and joy to every being around us.  Trees, flowers and people want to be in our presence because we give out pure joy that  has no opposite.

But why is it hard to be in touch with our essence? Because it is covered up by the mud of our incessant thinking. We don’t allow things to happen. We are constantly fighting the present moment: we are burdened by the past and worried about the future. We are focused on the myriad forms that surround us and forget the space that allows all things to be.

If we start by observing what is happening without judging or labeling, we are making progress. We let the drama play out. We observe the interplay of forms without getting entangled with them. This non-labeling or non-judging stops our mind and we are then able to feel the aliveness that is within us.

Our true essence lies pure and vibrant underneath our various forms.  It is untouched by anything that we did or was done to us. It is like gold that is hidden under the mud. If we pick it up and wipe away the mud, the gold sparkles and shines.


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True love

photo by anantakasainlife

photo by anantakasainlife

We often seek love but never find it. We spend a good chunk of our time searching for the right person and come up empty-handed. We become bitter, disappointed and disillusioned. Why is this? Because what we are seeking is not true love but ephemeral love–a love that is fleeting and temporary. It is here today and gone tomorrow. True love, on the other hand, is within us. It is boundless, limitless, spacious, all-encompassing. It is not something that we find out there but something that we have inside us. It never leaves us and it cannot be taken away. It is, however, covered up by our incessant thoughts and judgments so we can not feel it or know it.

How do we bring out true love within us and in our relationships? The key is to allow ourselves to be who we are and our partners to be who they are. We empty ourselves of our concepts, thoughts and illusions so we are able to give our partners our undivided attention. We look at them without judgment or comment. We create space within the relationship. We then feel our essence and that of our partners and we do what is best for them without wanting anything in return. All the mind games and power plays come to an end and are replaced by a sense of peace and stillness. The paradox is that we find love when we no longer need to seek love.

Eckhart Tolle said it best when he said, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”




We live in a world that is beset with all kinds of difficulties. There is discord, unhappiness, waste, trouble, hopelessness, and many other countless manifestations of problems. Sometimes we wonder if there exists a world where there are no problems. And the answer is YES, there is such a world, and it is right here and now. But this world is hidden from us and only shows its face when we allow things to be.

As Eckhart Tolle points out, problems originate in our mind, or rather, the problem-making ability of our mind. It is always against what is because it derives its identity from the past and looks to the future for its fulfillment. It resists what is happening right now. This creates pain or stress because it is going against the flow of life. Then we add our thoughts and emotions to the event so we see life through a distorted prism and color it with the pain that we feel.

This is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. We can start by being friendly with the present moment. Instead of adding our thoughts to the situation, why not let things be?  Why not watch events and people without any thought or comment? Why not go with the flow of life? This new approach creates space for the universe to come in. It is then able to use its limitless resources to transform situations from bad to good. People and things that we need come to our aid without any effort at all. Problems that used to keep us awake at night dissolve into the vastness of space. We become free of the problematic mind and inhabit a new world. It all starts with acceptance. Try it now and see what happens.

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Here’s another way to look at this: we have a right to say what we want to say, and other people have the right to reject it.


Here is a story that illustrates how to create space in our lives: the Buddha was walking with his disciples on a country road. There they met a man who did not agree with the Buddha’s teachings. The man ranted and raved and called the Buddha every imaginable word. The Buddha remained silent and watched the man. After the outburst, the man left and the Buddha and his disciples went on their way. The disciples were very upset because they believed that the Buddha should have defended himself against the tirade. When they reached their destination, they asked the Buddha why he did not retaliate against the man who verbally abused him. The Buddha was puzzled and asked which man were they talking about. The disciples reminded him about the man they met on the road a few hours ago who was raging mad. The Buddha then remembered and said that…

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Right Action

We live in a fast-paced world. Everyone seems to be running around like crazy trying to meet deadlines and get things done. We believe that the next moment will bring us salvation so we chase after it.We hurry from one meeting to another, listen halfheartedly to our clients, read memos in a cursory fashion, give little attention to our friends and family.  Sometimes this works. Most of the time, it does not. We make mistakes that not only cost us time and money but also jeopardize our relationships. We spend so much energy chasing the forms that pass through our lives and yet we don’t feel complete. Why? Because we only skim the surface of things  that we miss the depth that is in everything and everyone.

How do we free ourselves of this affliction? We start by doing right action. We give our care and attention to the present moment without adding anything to it. We look at the situation without comment or judgment. We take our thoughts out of it. We open up the space for the universe to work through us. We still our mind so the solution bubbles to the surface.  We gain a fresh perspective that compels us to do the right action. We let our true self–that which is at one with everything and everyone–come to the fore and connect us with all that is. We feel the depth of the situation or the aliveness of everyone and become one with them.

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We live in a civilization that is reactive. As soon as someone says something (good or bad), we immediately react to what is said. Others don’t wait for us to finish our sentences–they immediately pounce on our words and tell us their opinions. This usually starts an argument, and not long after that, a fight. Why are we like this? Why do we impose our thinking on others? And why don’t we give others a chance to say what they have to say? Because we fear a loss of image, a loss of self. And what is the self but a bunch of beliefs that we have accumulated through the years? These beliefs are not real, not personal and not who we are. They are illusions that go away once we put the spotlight of awareness on them.

How do we do that? The next time someone criticizes us or says something that is for or against our beliefs, we do nothing. We don’t react or retaliate. We look at the other person without thought or judgment. We let the other person say what he/she has to say.  If there is anger inside us during the interaction, we observe it without adding a story to it.  At first it seems like the anger is a fiery energy that threatens to consume us. But as we stay present, we feel the energy dissipate and dissolve into the space around us. We then feel the other person’s presence without the baggage of thoughts. We gain a deeper understanding of his/her being and are compelled to do the right thing.  We let go of our illusions and welcome life.

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We exist in two dimensions in this world: form (things, people, thoughts) and formless (infinite, space, universe). But most of us are addicted to the form, the contents of our lives, that we only see the dimension of form and forget about the formless dimension. We are out of balance because we focus on the procession of things in our lives(happiness/unhappiness, success/failure, rich/poor, good/bad) but we are not aware of the space in which these things occur. Then we add our thoughts and emotions to these things and make it fit with our self-created identities so we get a distorted view of reality. In other words, we add things and people to our sense of self because we don’t feel enough deep within. We look to the world to fulfill us, so we lose our balance or are devastated when things change or people leave us.

How do we  regain our balance so we don’t get frustrated by the constant flux of things? We start by allowing things and people to be as they are. We let them play their roles in our lives, good or bad. We watch them unfold without judgment or comment.  We realize that there is nothing we can add the situation that will make it better. It IS already fine the way it is, otherwise it would not have happened.  We take ourselves, our thoughts and judgments,  out of the situation. We open up the space for things to occur. This space connects us with everything and everyone, so we gain insights and realizations that compel us to do right action. We regain balance in our lives. We experience the peace that passes all understanding.