creating boundless space in our lives

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The truth is within us. If we look for it anywhere else, we will be disappointed. It is not something that we find out there but something that we feel inside us. The reason we don’t feel it is because we are preoccupied with the thoughts swirling in our heads. We get pulled into the drama, stress, or problems. But when we are still, the truth bubbles to the surface.  Answers, intuitions, insights come to us easily. We are more likely to take right action when we act out of awareness than unconsciousness.


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When we don’t accept what is, we go against the flow of life.  We are in a constant state of unease. We regret what happened in the past and worry about what the future may bring. We are taken in by the thoughts swirling in our head. We tie ourselves into little knots that the life force within us is stifled. Energy can not flow freely within our body. It gets stuck somewhere in our being and manifests in diseases and maladies.

How do we free ourselves from the incessant chatter of our mind? We start by observing that we have a noisy mind. We watch the steady stream of ideas and opinions in our head with no comment or judgment. We allow our mind to be turbulent. The strange thing is that when we accept our mind as raucous, the noise within gradually lessens. Why? Because we no longer energize our thoughts with emotions. We have created space within ourselves and between our thoughts. We realize that things that were of utmost importance no longer matter that much when viewed against the background of space.

Gradually, we untie the knot. The energy that was stuck within us is freed. We feel vibrant and alive and are able to connect with all beings. We embrace life in all its abundance and glory.

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Photo by S. M.

Unhappiness is everywhere. It is embedded in our mind, which by its very nature is chaotic and problematic. It wants to control and take things. It is always fighting the present moment because it fears the dissolution of forms.

We are run by our mind so we look at life from a limited perspective. We see the procession of forms and not the space that allows the forms to be. As a result, we only see fragments of life, not the totality of life. Life, in all its glory, is benevolent, abundant, and helpful. Whereas each passing moment is subject to the polarities of life: good/bad, happiness/unhappiness, success/failure, and so on.

The way to be free from unhappiness is to de-personalize a situation. We look at a dilemma as if it were happening to somebody else. We put the situation inside a box and we watch the event from outside the box.  For instance, if somebody calls us stupid, we put this person in an imaginary case and look at him/her from the outside. This person may yell at us and call us many names. But we remain calm and peaceful because we know that they are inside the box and therefore can not hurt us.

We discard our harsh judgments and rigid expectations about the person and the situation.  We accept each moment as it is. This acceptance doesn’t mean doing nothing. It means we acknowledge this moment and do what is needed. We go with the flow of life. We become fully alive and enjoy the freshness of each moment.

This is when fear and desire lose their hold over us. We watch the play of forms and realize that there is nothing personal against them. It’s just the way of the world. We begin to play with them and even enjoy ourselves in the process.


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We live in a culture that is action-oriented. We are always busy doing something. We want to change “what is” into “what it should be”. We don’t leave things and people alone. If our relationship isn’t working, we try to fix our partner. If we don’t like our job, we go and find another job. If our children are bored, we come up with things to keep them busy. We think we know the solutions to problems so we set out to change people and situations. Then it turns out that even though the dilemma is solved, another one pops in its place. Why is this so? Because we were focused on the procession of myriad forms in our lives– the drama, the conflict, the stress. We only skimmed the surface of things so our perception is limited. We were not aware of space, the deep and vast aliveness that surrounds and contains forms.

Why do we need to be conscious of space? Because through awareness of space, we deepen our understanding of life. We go beyond the surface dimension of things and sense our oneness with the whole.  We feel the essence of every creature and realize the purpose of every situation. We stop fighting what is and go with the flow of life.

How do we create space in our lives? We start by observing people for no other purpose than to learn more about them. We study them, we observe them, we watch them–but we don’t judge them. We accept people as they are. If we are involved in a problematic situation, we look at it as if it were happening to somebody else. We de-personalize the event. We let go of our rigid expectations. We  allow each moment, good or bad, to be as it is.

The irony is that when we create space for transformation to happen, people and situations start to change.



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Photo by S. M.

When we are in a relationship, it seems that problems often crop up. The issues vary from financial, emotional, spiritual, physical or mental.  It all boils down to one thing: we want the forms in our lives to satisfy us, which they can’t. This often leads to frustration, sadness, anxiety, or unhappiness. And we make it worse by replaying the stories in our head.

How much better it would be if instead of reacting to forms, we watch the forms come and go. We do this for no other reason than to observe and understand. We study the play of forms without getting entangled with them. We surrender. The strange thing is that when we surrender, the forms change and become benevolent. What was unbearable becomes tolerable, even beautiful. Why? Because once we become soft and yielding, we become open to life and all its bounty and glory.  We realize that as we move deeper into the relationship, the need for words disappear and is replaced by stillness. And it is through stillness that we gain a new perspective so the relationship begins to flower and flourish.


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True love

photo by anantakasainlife

photo by anantakasainlife

We often seek love but never find it. We spend a good chunk of our time searching for the right person and come up empty-handed. We become bitter, disappointed and disillusioned. Why is this? Because what we are seeking is not true love but ephemeral love–a love that is fleeting and temporary. It is here today and gone tomorrow. True love, on the other hand, is within us. It is boundless, limitless, spacious, all-encompassing. It is not something that we find out there but something that we have inside us. It never leaves us and it cannot be taken away. It is, however, covered up by our incessant thoughts and judgments so we can not feel it or know it.

How do we bring out true love within us and in our relationships? The key is to allow ourselves to be who we are and our partners to be who they are. We empty ourselves of our concepts, thoughts and illusions so we are able to give our partners our undivided attention. We look at them without judgment or comment. We create space within the relationship. We then feel our essence and that of our partners and we do what is best for them without wanting anything in return. All the mind games and power plays come to an end and are replaced by a sense of peace and stillness. The paradox is that we find love when we no longer need to seek love.

Eckhart Tolle said it best when he said, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

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Clutter is all around us. We are preoccupied with things to do and think about. We feel empty inside and so we try to fill up this lack with the things of the world. We fill our minds with worthless thoughts, our houses with useless stuff, and our lives with harmful emotions. We are drowning in things and yet we don’t feel satisfied.

Here’s a thought: let’s get rid of the clutter and bring space into our lives. How do we do that? We start by observing things, people and situations as they unfold without taking part in the action. We become detached and so we feel the essence of people and objects. We notice the beauty of each moment and observe stillness that is in, between, and around the situation.

When we leave things as they are, we become aware of space. This awareness comes from deep within us that is untouched by what is happening around us. This stillness connects us with the power of the universe and the intelligence in each being, so that right action happens at the right time with the right people. We have given the universe the space it needs to work its magic. We realize that we are not here to control the world but to be conscious of the world–to enjoy the flux of things. We experience the joy of being that is natural and spontaneous.