creating boundless space in our lives

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When we don’t accept what is, we go against the flow of life.  We are in a constant state of unease. We regret what happened in the past and worry about what the future may bring. We are taken in by the thoughts swirling in our head. We tie ourselves into little knots that the life force within us is stifled. Energy can not flow freely within our body. It gets stuck somewhere in our being and manifests in diseases and maladies.

How do we free ourselves from the incessant chatter of our mind? We start by observing that we have a noisy mind. We watch the steady stream of ideas and opinions in our head with no comment or judgment. We allow our mind to be turbulent. The strange thing is that when we accept our mind as raucous, the noise within gradually lessens. Why? Because we no longer energize our thoughts with emotions. We have created space within ourselves and between our thoughts. We realize that things that were of utmost importance no longer matter that much when viewed against the background of space.

Gradually, we untie the knot. The energy that was stuck within us is freed. We feel vibrant and alive and are able to connect with all beings. We embrace life in all its abundance and glory.


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New Year. New  Expectations. New Beginnings. This is the time to let go of our old self so our new self can emerge. We become a beautiful, genuine being.

For most of us however, transformation is not easy. We resist it. We flee from it. We avoid it. If we let go of  our old concepts, then who are we? We cling to the known, even if it is detrimental to our being, because we are scared of the unknown. We are imprisoned in our own cage of useless, repetitive thinking. We are not able to experience the fullness of life.

How do we change our lives and become free? How do we experience life in all its glory? The answer is to accept things, people and situations –good or bad–to be as they are. We observe the procession of forms in our lives without judgment or comment. We permit the bad things to play their role in the fabric of our existence.  We cherish the good things while they last and release them when they leave. We discard our unrealistic and rigid expectations. We ditch our ego.

This powerful practice stops our mind from creating illusions. Past and future thus fade away. We are left with the beauty of the  present moment. We become one with life. This is when right action happens and joyful things come to us because we align ourselves with the power of the universe. We become connected to the whole.

We therefore realize this truth: the things of this world no longer bind us. We relish them when they come and relinquish them when they leave. We become free.



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Here’s another way to look at this: we have a right to say what we want to say, and other people have the right to reject it.


Here is a story that illustrates how to create space in our lives: the Buddha was walking with his disciples on a country road. There they met a man who did not agree with the Buddha’s teachings. The man ranted and raved and called the Buddha every imaginable word. The Buddha remained silent and watched the man. After the outburst, the man left and the Buddha and his disciples went on their way. The disciples were very upset because they believed that the Buddha should have defended himself against the tirade. When they reached their destination, they asked the Buddha why he did not retaliate against the man who verbally abused him. The Buddha was puzzled and asked which man were they talking about. The disciples reminded him about the man they met on the road a few hours ago who was raging mad. The Buddha then remembered and said that…

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Less is More

We often feel inadequate so we look to the world of things to add to our sense of self. We buy a big house, purchase an expensive car, or wear trendy clothes–all in the hope that these things will cover up our sense of not enough and make us feel important. We identify with things that are passing which never make us happy in the long run because the polarity of forms–good/bad, positive/negative, high/low–will always manifest sooner or later.

If we have a big house, we pay higher taxes, utility and repair expenses. If we have an expensive car, we pay a lot of money to maintain its spotless condition. If we wear trendy clothes, we constantly update our wardrobe and thus end up in credit card debt or bankruptcy. If all we do is identify with form, we will always be out of balance and in despair.

How do we break this vicious cycle?  We withdraw identification from form and welcome the formless into our lives. We let go of our need to control things and become friendly with whatever happens at the present moment. We allow things to change or disappear so that space can come into our lives. We become less so we can be more. We release our heavy burden of thoughts, judgments, and beliefs into the universe so something wonderful can happen. In other words, we let our false sense of self dissolve so our true self can emerge.  The less baggage (or self-identification) we have, the more we are able to enjoy life. As a buddhist monk puts it, “No self, no problem.”

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Dealing with death

Most people shrink away from death. They live in constant fear of it and try to run away from it. Some people even deny its existence. But if we realize that death is an opening into another dimension, then death loses its grip on our lives. We are not denying death but simply acknowledging its existence. Death is as natural as life. It is good or it would not be. Others talk about life and death as if these two are opposites. But as Eckhart Tolle puts it, the opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal. Death is the loss of form so that a new form can arise. Life is rearranging itself even in the presence of death. We have to let things happen so that we can experience the full spectrum of life–from birth to marriage to retirement to death–and to see the magnificence and beauty of God in every situation.

This posting is dedicated to a dear friend, Mark Boggs, who passed away suddenly on May 12, 2011. This one’s for you, buddy.

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Emptiness as a way of life

Emptiness sounds like a terrifying thought to many but it is actually liberating. When you are no longer attached to form, the formless (or unmanifested or whatever you want to call it) comes into your life and fills it with unlimited possibilities. It is like a new road has been opened for you and all you have to do is follow the road. You trust the universe to take care of you and guide you along life’s journey. You no longer think of life as hard and difficult. It just is. When you reach this point, you will no longer be disturbed by the constant flux of things. You may even play with forms and enjoy them for a change!

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Easter Thoughts

Good Friday and Easter Sunday had me thinking about Jesus and how he was open to life. He controlled his destiny–no matter how painful it was. He did not run away but instead took control of a bleak situation. For example: when Peter struck the off the ear of one of the guards, Jesus rebuked him. When he was interrogated and insulted by the high priests, Jesus stood his ground and told them the truth. When he was dying on the cross, he asked the Father to forgive the people for they did not know what they were doing. The message here is this: Good Friday happened because God was in control; and when God is in control, only good things can happen if we allow it to be. The key is to be open to life so the universe can work its magic through us.

Happy Easter!