creating boundless space in our lives

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When we give without expecting anything in return, we are powerful. We are in control of our destiny. We do things for the sheer enjoyment of it. Our work is of high quality because there is attention and care in what we do.

We do not wait for others to make us happy. We are happy and abundant and we share it with everyone. We give people our full attention. They feel this positive energy and gravitate towards us.

Or, if someone is blaming us, we watch the situation. We don’t react and defend ourselves against the criticism. We allow ourselves to be diminished and permit others to experience their feelings at that moment. We don’t add fuel to an explosive situation.

And the miracle is that once we allow ourselves to be diminished and let others be as they are, things start to change. Other people come to our aid. Situations suddenly turn around for the better. Why is this so? Because we permitted the hard shell of our ego to crumble so we become an opening from which consciousness flows into this world. We let the power of the universe move through us and set us free.



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There is balance in the world around us. There is sadness but there is also happiness. There is darkness but there is also light. There is bad but there is also good. One cannot exist without the other. These polarities exist within our universe.

Why is it that we can’t see or feel the balance around us? Because we see the world not as it is but as we are. We are preoccupied with things or concepts that we fail to see the beauty of the present moment. And because these forms are fleeting, we are in a perpetual state of unease. We cling to one side and ignore the other side. We only see the negative but not the positive. We focus on things that are wrong instead of things that are right.

For instance, when we walk on a forest trail at dusk, we are afraid of the dark. We hurry along to get out of the darkness and into the brightness of a busy street. In our rush, we fail to see the beauty of the fireflies that lit the bushes. It seems that a million Christmas lights are strung along the bushes giving it an ethereal quality. Out of the gloom comes the glow of radiance.

How do we get in touch with the abundance that is everywhere? How do we find our balance? We start by observing things without judging them. We study and watch, without needing to change them. We become aware. Out of this awareness comes the understanding that is beyond the polarities. We are thus able to connect with our pure essence, which is one with the essence of all beings. We become balanced.

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When we give service to the world, the world will serve us. This is because the world is full and abundant. It is bursting with riches and wealth and its purpose is to share these with all of us.

But somehow this purpose is thwarted by our ego, which wants to take, more than it wants to give. This creates an artificial sense of scarcity, which leads to our insatiable need to do more and be more. We feel empty inside so we add things to our insufficient self. We look to the outside world to satisfy us. Then we become disappointed because nothing out there will ever be enough.

Or, we give but we don’t give freely. We attach conditions to our gift, which then becomes a bribe. We become disillusioned when the reaction we receive is not what we expected. We stop our so-called giving (or more accurately, bribing) and withdraw into our shell. We cut ourselves off from the fullness of life.

How do we reverse this vicious cycle? How do we bring abundance into our lives? We start by giving for the sake of giving–whether it is a smile, a touch, a helping hand, a hug, an encouragement. When we give, we align ourselves with the purpose of the universe. We are within our power. We are the master of ourselves. We don’t need other people to tell us we are good; we know we are good.

Giving brings out the inner joy that transcends forms. We enjoy each moment that comes but we are not tied to each moment.  We become free.


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Spring is a time for new beginnings. We throw out the seeds of our old self so these can  connect with other nutrients floating around us. The universe then combines all the ingredients, creates something new and wonderful, and gives it back to us. This is how we gain a perspective, a new insight, a creative idea. We don’t even need to make change happen–it just happens when we go with the flow of life. It is through the dying of our old self that our new self emerges, like a caterpillar coming out of its cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly.





When we find our joy, everything falls into place.  Life becomes benevolent. Our relationships with our loved ones become deeper and meaningful. Peace reigns in our homes. Creativity comes  to us.  The irony is that if we chase joy, it will elude us. But if we leave it alone, it will come to us. Why is this so? Because joy is within us and comes to the fore when we leave things as they are.  We stop judging and commenting and are simply present.The rigid structures that were erected by our minds crumble and we become empty, like the rest of creation. We feel our own essence and those of other beings around us. The universe is then able to work through us and connect us with all that is.

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Work is Rest

We spend most of our lives working to make a living. But we are stressed at work and so we are not productive and creative. We have to deal with a multitude of problems and people that we feel constantly agitated. How do we change our work environment from being stressful to restful and peaceful (and maybe even joyful)? The key is to be at peace while doing our jobs. To let our minds be at rest while our bodies are working.  Swami Parthasarathy says that work in itself is not tiresome. It is actually an avenue for us to express ourselves. But our true selves are held captive by the worries of the past and anxieties of the future. This saps us of our energy and disturbs our being. We make hell out of heaven.

In other words, our egos get in the way. There is an intention behind what we do so our actions are hindered. We are selfish so our minds are disturbed. No selfish person is happy and peaceful. But if we change our attitude from one of selfishness to one of selflessness, then this changes the dynamics of the situation. We begin to serve others and the world. We perform a task just for the joy of doing it. We become the architect of our fortune. It is not what we are doing that makes us noble but how we are doing things.

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The Rainmaker

When we see nature after a rainfall, we see beauty and abundance everywhere. It is a wonderful experience to smell the flowers and shrubs, to listen to the birds singing, to see butterflies darting here and there, and maybe occasionally see a rainbow in the distance. It seems like the earth is fresh and alive after taking a shower.

Why does it rain? As we know, rain occurs when the air is saturated and water vapors in the clouds get too heavy and fall into the earth in the form of rain. There is something we can learn here. When a person is full of good deeds that overflow and touch the people and situations around him/her (ie this person is “heavy” with goodness), the world will shower this person with abundance and blessings. He/she is called  a “rainmaker”.

Most of us only put a minimum of effort into what we do and expect a lot of reward  and recognition in return. Everything we do is geared to gain other people’s attention and admiration. Half of our attention is focused on what we do and the other half on what we will get out of it. Our actions are limited, inferior and mediocre and often get the opposite results.  But when we let go of our expectations and instead focus on the action itself, we experience the beauty of the present moment. We feel our aliveness and the essence of all beings around us. Our actions are done with great care and attention and benefit everyone. Why is this? Because the universe is working through us. We become one with the totality. We are able to bring forth joy, abundance, beauty, goodness and everything else that is needed. Over time, we become “rainmakers”.