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If we serve the world, the world will serve us. This is one of the teachings of Swami Parthasarathy, which is reflected everywhere. If we look at the history of civilization, we find that the people that truly made a difference were those who gave freely without asking anything in return. Mother Teresa and St. Francis easily come to mind. They did what they did because it was the right thing to do. And the miracle is that they never lacked for anything. Everything that they needed always came to them without any effort on their part.

In our current state of affairs, however, the opposite is true.  We want the world to serve us and want it done NOW. We demand that people and situations cater to us. When we go to the restaurant we want to be seated right away by the hostess or we go somewhere else. When we go to the bank, we want our banker to answer our questions then and there or we file a complaint. When we go to a retail store, we want the saleslady to cater to us or we demand to speak to the manager. We say that of course we deserve to be treated right away. After all, we are paying these people for their  services. But is this really the case? Or could it be that we want each moment to satisfy us so we can be ourselves?

The truth is that we can only find our true selves when we stop looking for satisfaction out there. We go within and feel our own essence. We feel the stillness inside and let it permeate our being. We are able to let go of our rigid expectations that people, places and situations make us happy. We give service freely and truly. And because we serve the world, the world will serve us, as illustrated by Dave Lerner in this article:


Author: anantakasainlife

Influenced by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Eckhart Tolle, Swami Parthasarathy, Anthony De Mello, Joseph Murphy and my brother.

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