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The way of out pain is to put the spotlight on it. We observe it as it happens. We don’t run away from it. We don’t blame anybody for it, neither do we blame ourselves for it. We don’t take drugs, alcohol or pills to deaden it. We allow it to be there with no judgment whatsoever. This is at first hard to do because the mind is full of energy and wants us to do something to create a story–one of the countless stories it had amassed over the years–to keep us trapped in our baggage of thoughts.  But if we continue to focus our attention on the pain, we realize that it is just energy that is moving through our body. There is no thought or story associated with it. We break the link between our thoughts and emotions. We create space within ourselves and are able to get off the endless treadmill of action and reaction. We feel an inner stillness that was not there before. Little by little, we release some part of the baggage that we had carried around for years, and we feel our true self that was hidden underneath.

It is like turning the light on in our closet. We see the clothes, shoes, scarves, jackets, coats, and other knickknacks that have piled up in this space. Every nook and cranny is full to bursting with things we have accumulated over the years. We had so much stuff that we were drowning in them.  Oftentimes, we can’t find what we are looking for because it is buried underneath a pile of things. But now that the light is on, we become aware. We realize that we need to free up space. We are no longer compelled to shove things through our closet without thinking. Piece by piece, we start to get rid of unessential things so what is left is the genuine stuff that we truly need. Letting go of the pain is the same. It doesn’t happen overnight, but comes to pass every moment when we shed light on it.


Author: anantakasainlife

Influenced by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Eckhart Tolle, Swami Parthasarathy, Anthony De Mello, Joseph Murphy and my brother.

2 thoughts on “Spotlight

  1. I feel that we can find equanimity towards pain by directing our attention not on sensations and feelings of pain, but on our desire to get rid of it, our wishes to feel pleasure instead. Realizing irrationality of such mental reactions helps us with developing peace.
    Just my 2c 🙂
    Best wishes, be happy and well 🙂

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