creating boundless space in our lives




When we are in the middle of a dilemma, our mind jumps from one scenario to another. We go around in circles, frantically looking for a solution. We spend sleepless nights replaying stories and incidents in our head. We ruin our health and state of mind over something that has not happened (the future) or something that had already happened (the past).  Both of which are outside our control. This need to bend situations and people to our will has caused diseases, stress, nervous breakdowns, even death.

How much easier it would be to leave life as it is and enjoy the present moment. This moment right now is simple. But concealed in it is a powerful force that is flowing, spacious, all-encompassing, all-knowing. When we allow this moment as it is, we create space within ourselves and allow this life force to work and live through us. We are no longer bound by the spectrum of polar opposites (good/bad, happiness/unhappiness, high/low) so we go beyond our mind’s limited perspective.  We cease identifying with the stories in our head and become aware of the space within and around us. The negative energy that was swirling around the situation dissipates into space, leaving us with a fresh perspective. We feel our own essence as well as the essence of every being that we meet and are able to connect with them. The solution, the answer, the right action, bubbles to surface when we are friendly with the present moment.

The seriousness of the dilemma is recognized as false because we move from superficial reality (which is harsh) to genuine reality (which is benevolent).  We realize that forms are fleeting and ephemeral–they are here today and gone tomorrow–and that no matter how good or bad the situation is, it too will change. We anchor ourselves to the formless life force and experience the peace that is beyond all understanding. As Eckhart Tolle said, “Nothing real is threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”


Author: anantakasainlife

Influenced by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Eckhart Tolle, Swami Parthasarathy, Anthony De Mello, Joseph Murphy and my brother.

2 thoughts on “Fleeting

  1. What a truly beautiful, poignant writing,,,more correctly, message. I would enjoy reading more.

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