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We live in a world that is beset with all kinds of difficulties. There is discord, unhappiness, waste, trouble, hopelessness, and many other countless manifestations of problems. Sometimes we wonder if there exists a world where there are no problems. And the answer is YES, there is such a world, and it is right here and now. But this world is hidden from us and only shows its face when we allow things to be.

As Eckhart Tolle points out, problems originate in our mind, or rather, the problem-making ability of our mind. It is always against what is because it derives its identity from the past and looks to the future for its fulfillment. It resists what is happening right now. This creates pain or stress because it is going against the flow of life. Then we add our thoughts and emotions to the event so we see life through a distorted prism and color it with the pain that we feel.

This is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. We can start by being friendly with the present moment. Instead of adding our thoughts to the situation, why not let things be?  Why not watch events and people without any thought or comment? Why not go with the flow of life? This new approach creates space for the universe to come in. It is then able to use its limitless resources to transform situations from bad to good. People and things that we need come to our aid without any effort at all. Problems that used to keep us awake at night dissolve into the vastness of space. We become free of the problematic mind and inhabit a new world. It all starts with acceptance. Try it now and see what happens.


Author: anantakasainlife

Influenced by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Eckhart Tolle, Swami Parthasarathy, Anthony De Mello, Joseph Murphy and my brother.

2 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! You write the simple truth that I’ve always know in such a straight forward way with clarity. It’s helping me clear my mind. I think meditation is very helpful in this regard.

  2. The truth is simple and it is within us. It bubbles to the surface when we are still.

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