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Breaking the pain cycle

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We have lived in this world long enough to know that things go wrong a lot of the time. We get laid off from our jobs, our spouse divorces us, a beloved friend dies, we file for bankruptcy, our house burned down, we are sued by our clients–the list goes on and on. We resent the person or situation that caused us the pain so we project ourselves to the future where we think things will get better or we relive the past in our mind when things were a lot better (or so we believe). We don’t want what we have and we want what we don’t have. We try to fix the present moment in the false belief that if we fix it, our lives will be complete. But we find out that even after we fix the present moment, it is not enough because something or someone will come to disrupt it. Then the pain becomes unbearable because our expectations (or illusions) were shattered.

How do we break free of the pain cycle? We start by observing the event or situation without getting involved in the drama. We look at people and situations without any thought or judgment. We don’t demand that they conform to our version of reality. We let them play their part in the totality. We let go of our thoughts and emotions and become one with the totality that is connected with everything and yet is untouched by anything. The power of the universe flows into our being so that people and things lose their urgency and importance. We then experience the peace that is beyond all understanding.


Author: anantakasainlife

Influenced by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Eckhart Tolle, Swami Parthasarathy, Anthony De Mello, Joseph Murphy and my brother.

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