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One with life


Eckhart Tolle says that everything in nature is one with life. I was recently reminded by this when I learned about the massive flooding on December 16-17, 2011 in Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro City in the Philippines. Thousands are either dead or missing and many more lost their homes and everything they owned. A friend told me that her brother, who lives in Iligan, noticed on the afternoon of December 16th  that a very large number of black ants were coming out of the ground and were going up the tree near his house. He thought this was a very unusual occurrence since the ants live underground but now they were going above ground. He immediately called his wife and told her to get the flashlights ready because something bad was about to happen. Sure enough, disaster struck at or close to midnight.

How is it possible that the ants sensed the calamity even before it happened? This is a question that is asked by the mind that wants to understand, classify, and categorize things. But the truth is that when we are one with life, we don’t have to think–and yet we are compelled do the right thing. The ants are aligned with the universe and are connected with the whole totality of being. They didn’t think; they just went up the tree. They neither want nor fear anything because they know that life will take care of them.

We, too, can learn from nature. We can watch things unfold before us and see the beauty and glory of God in each situation. We let consciousness flow through us and infuse our being with its essence so we do the right thing at the right moment. We then experience a more wonderful and fulfilled life beyond that which is labeled good or bad by the thinking mind.


Author: anantakasainlife

Influenced by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Eckhart Tolle, Swami Parthasarathy, Anthony De Mello, Joseph Murphy and my brother.

4 thoughts on “One with life

  1. While the ants seem to have responded to a stimulus that they are attuned to and we are not, I still have to wonder whether life took care of them. When we have periodic floods here in central Texas, trees are torn out of the ground and swept away, so even though many of the ants climbed up into the trees, didn’t some of them still perish in the storm the same way that some of the people did? And looking at the opposite conditions, there are estimates that in the drought of 2011 one-tenth of all the trees in Texas died. Can we still say that life is taking care of them?

    I spend a lot of time photographing flowers, plants, trees, insects, and other denizens of nature. Some survive and some succumb, so I don’t know that we can make the case that all those beings are protected or looked over in some way.

    Steve Schwartzman

    • The ants (and everything in nature) are one with life and so are connected with the power of the universe. They are one with what life wants. And if they have to die, they die with ease. Death is the loss of form so that a new form can arise. It is as natural as life. We have to let things happen (whether good or bad) so that we can experience the full spectrum of life. (Your pictures are great!)

      • Nature takes care of all living things his way. Every morning the sun shines and set in the evening without fail. If the sun takes a 15 day vacation we’re finished. From the moment a living thing is born, air to breathe is always available. Not a second nature deprives it. The clouds giving rain. The earth giving vegetation. Everything we are taking comes from mother nature. And realize that we can never repay her enough.

        Nature is fair in protecting all living things. It has given the tiger the ferocity and skill to catch a deer. And yet the deer has been given the swiftness and agility to escape the tiger. A human baby is born so so helpless yet somebody takes care. An animal baby is born still taken care of. Human has enormous complains. Animals none. In the organization for the protection of animal rights, there is not a single animal that is a member.

        Birth…Growth… Joy and Sorrow…Strife and struggle… Sickness and Decay….Death… Such is the nature of life.

  2. Nature, has a way of sensing what’s coming and reacting. It’s sad, that humanity in certain places is working so hard to destroy their homes 😦

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