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Easter Thoughts

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Good Friday and Easter Sunday had me thinking about Jesus and how he was open to life. He controlled his destiny–no matter how painful it was. He did not run away but instead took control of a bleak situation. For example: when Peter struck the off the ear of one of the guards, Jesus rebuked him. When he was interrogated and insulted by the high priests, Jesus stood his ground and told them the truth. When he was dying on the cross, he asked the Father to forgive the people for they did not know what they were doing. The message here is this: Good Friday happened because God was in control; and when God is in control, only good things can happen if we allow it to be. The key is to be open to life so the universe can work its magic through us.

Happy Easter!


Author: anantakasainlife

Influenced by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Eckhart Tolle, Swami Parthasarathy, Anthony De Mello, Joseph Murphy and my brother.

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